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This encyclopedia is updated with every new revelation in Ghost Rider. Please understand that this encyclopedia is time consuming and not every character is mentioned, however in time they will be put up.

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Arcade is an X-Men villain, however this little dwarf is a minion of Baal (see Baal). Arcade was tricked by Baal into killing Blaze (see Blaze, John), so that he may enter this world.



Baal is a demon trapped in another dimension. He is responsible for the abduction, of Craig, and Emma Blaze (see Blaze, Craig and Blaze, Emma) as well as young Jesse Pinto (see Pinto, Jesse). Baal is responsible for numerous murders, including Jesse's family. Baal's greatest threat however, lies in the hands of the Wendigo (see Wendigo, The), Craig, Emma and, Jesse.

Badilino, Lt. Michael.

Michael Badilino is the man who is the host for the spirit of vengeance known as Vengeance (see Vengeance). Little is known about Michael's youth except that his father had a run in with the original Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider I). During his twenties Badilino joined a special task force in the army but left to join the New York City police force, after the "death" of Anton Hellgate (see Hellgate, Anton). Badilino was teamed with partner Jack Piper (see Code Of Honor issues #1-4). Eventually Badilino was promoted to lieutenant. Badilino's life was going well until the re-appearance of the new Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Once Ghost Rider re-emerged, Michael made an unholy deal with the demon known as Mephisto. Mephisto, had transformed Michael into Vengeance, Ghost Rider's "sometimes" evil opposite.  Badilino however, sacrificed his life when he realized that his alter ego Vengeance was out of control.  Badilino's death meant that he was damned to hell for all eternity, were his punishment is eternal biting by the sting of scorpions.


The son of Mephisto (see Mephisto). For centuries Blackheart has despised his father. Eventually, he plotted and succeeded in killing him. Now as the new ruler of Hell, Blackheart is always looking for greater powers. He believes that turning Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), and Blaze (see Blaze, John) to his side he can create a Hell on Earth. Blackheart's main goal is to gain the powers of the Ghost Rider, and he will do that by any means necessary. Blackheart has caused the creation of four new spirits of vengeance Wallow (see Wallow), Pao Fu (see Pao Fu), Verminous Rex (see Verminous Rex), and Doghead (see Doghead). He has also concocted his faithful servant Black Rose (see Black Rose).


Blackout is probably the most dangerous of Ghost Rider's (see Ghost Rider II) enemies. He has the ability to dampen any artificial light and in a sense he is a vampire. Blackout was originally hired as an assassin by the villain Deathwatch (see Deathwatch).  His first mission was to retrieve the missing canisters which Deathwatch had lost, and kill anyone who stands in his way.  Blackout's thirst for innocent blood brought him to the attention of Ghost Rider.  When Blackout battled Ghost Rider his face was brutally scared.  Vowing revenge, Blackout followed Ghost Rider until he found a weakness.  While watching Ghost Rider from afar, Blackout saw Ghost Rider revert to his human form, Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel).  Now armed with knowledge that can destroy his enemy, Blackout began stalking Dan searching for Dan's friends and family so he can kill them.  Blackout found the first of his victims, a comatose Barbara Ketch (see Ketch, Barbara).  Killing her, Blackout's first victim for vengeance had started.  Weeks later Blackout was confronted by a vengeful Ghost Rider, John Blaze (see Blaze, John), and Tyler Meagher (see Meagher, Tyler), he lost the fight easily, and was taken into custody.  Months later, Blackout was set free by a man named Stern (see Stern) and his organization, the F.I.R.M. (see F.I.R.M., the).  Blackout's orders were to capture Ghost Rider for study.  Blackout, -who wanted revenge on Ghost Rider more then him being studied- immediately set out to stalk Dan.  Blackout laid a trap for Dan, using  Jack D'Auria (see D'Auria, Jack), Francis Ketch (see Ketch, Francis), Stacy Dolan (see Dolan, Stacy), and Gerard Dolan (see Dolan, Capt.  Gerard) as ponds.  Dan immediately went to rescue his mother and friends, but was killed by Blackout.  Fortunately, Dan had enough time to transform into Ghost Rider and stopped Blackout by locking him in a crypt with Stern.  Putting their differences aside Blackout and Stern freed themselves from their imprisonment, and Blackout attacked a weakened Ghost Rider.  Upon contact with Ghost Rider, Blackout gained the knowledge that he is the grandson of the newly resurrected, Lilith (see Lilith).  Blackout left and joined forces with his grandmother.  Blackout with the rest of Lilith's children, the Lilin (see Lilin, the) were set out to destroy Lilith's enemies the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, the).  Blackout and the Lilin were destroyed easily.  Nine months later, Blackout was revived along with the rest of the Lilin to destroy Ghost Rider.  Blackout attacked Francis Ketch only she was rescued by Ghost Rider.  Blackout with Lilith, the Lilin and their new ally, Zarathos (see Zarathos), set out to kill the Midnight Sons again!  All Lilin were killed Blackout managed to escape.  Blackout began work as a mercenary, working for the person who pays him the most. However Blackout had one problem, Ghost Rider.  Blackout searched for Ghost Rider; when he found him, he struck a deal, if Ghost Rider stays away from Blackout, then he will not go after Dan's friends and family.  Reluctantly, Ghost Rider agreed, however ghost Rider broke the truce when Blackout killed his one time lover Linda Wei (see Wei, Linda).  When Ghost Rider caught up with Blackout, Ghost Rider had Blackout tied to the top of the world trade center, were everyday he will face his weakness, sunlight.

Black Rose.

Black Rose is a demon created by Blackheart (see Blackheart). She was created for the sole purpose of slaying Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) and John Blaze (see Blaze, John). Evidence suggests that Black Rose was human before, and that she had some sort of relationship with Blaze.  When Ghost Rider had died, Blackheart had made a deal with him, which involved Black Rose becoming his wife.


Blade is the member of the occult hunting Nightstalkers (see Nightstalkers, The). Armed only with swords and daggers. As he was being born, Blade's mother was murdered by the vampire Deacon Frost (see Frost, Deacon). This gave Blade a super sensitivity to anything supernatural. Blade became a member of the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, The), shortly after his release of an asylum.  He and the Nightstalkers, were duped by Lilith (see Lilith), into killing both Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), and Blaze (see Blaze, John).  Realizing their mistake, Blade and his compatriots reluctantly joined the Midnight Sons.  After about a year of operation, Blaze was forced to go back to hunting vampires, when his partners were killed by Varnae (see Varnae).  Now located in New Orleans, Blade still remains a member of both the Midnight Sons, and the Nightstalkers, despite he one of the few that remain.

Blaze, Barton.

Barton Blaze is the father of John Blaze (see Blaze, John). Barton Blaze was a daredevil stunt cyclist, he unfortunately died while trying to jump ten fiery cars on his bike.

Blaze, Craig.

Craig Blaze is the son of John and Roxanne Blaze (see Blaze, John and Blaze, Roxanne Simpson). Both he and his sister, Emma (see Blaze, Emma) are descendants to the powers of the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider 2). They were kidnapped by the demon Baal (see Baal) while their father was in battle. While in captivity they met fellow captive Jesse Pinto (see Pinto, Jesse). While they were being held captive, they were rescued by the mysterious being known as The Wendigo (see Wendigo, The). To this day their whereabouts are unknown.

Blaze, Emma.

Emma Blaze is the daughter of John and Roxanne Blaze (see Blaze, Roxanne Simpson). Her and her brother, Craig (see Blaze, Craig) are descendants to the powers of the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider 2). They were kidnapped by the demon Baal (see Baal) while their father was in battle. While in captivity they met fellow captive Jesse Pinto (see Pinto, Jesse). While they were being held captive, they were rescued by the mysterious being known as The Wendigo (see Wendigo, The). To this day their whereabouts are unknown.

Blaze, John.

John Blaze was the first Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider I). Raised on a carnival, John grew up learning how to do motorcycle stunts, from his foster father, Crash Simpson (see Simpson, Crash). When Crash, contracted terminal cancer, John made a deal with the devil, Mephisto (see Mephisto). The agreement was that Crash would be spared from the cancer in exchange for his soul, and services. Miraculously Crash was cured from the cancer, but died later that week in a motorcycle accident. When Mephisto came to collect John's soul Roxanne Simpson (see Blaze, Roxanne Simpson) intervened and saved John and his soul. Mephisto who was not one to accept defeat possessed John with Zarathos (see Zarathos), and became the first Ghost Rider. For many years John tried to fight off the demon which possessed him. It wasn't until John and Zarathos had confronted their arch rival Centurious (see Centurious). During battle Zarathos broke Centurious' soul crystal which Centurious was sucked into. Zarathos who felt that he had been denied vengeance, went into the soul crystal after him, freeing John of his curse. Years later things were looking good for John. He had purchased the Quentin Carnival, married Roxanne, and had two children Craig and Emma (see Blaze, Craig and, Blaze, Emma). For years John lived a normal life, until his past caught up with him, when Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) re-entered his life. John believed that this new Ghost Rider was Zarathos and set out to hunt him down. During a confrontation with Ghost Rider, John Blaze attracted Ghost Rider's hellfire into him, enabling John to shoot Hellfire from his shotgun. Eventually John discovered that he can create his own mystic motorcycle, from the hellfire. After finally accepting the new Ghost Rider as an ally, and discovering that he is not Zarathos, John felt he had to join Ghost Rider so that he and his family can live in peace. Unfortunately joining Ghost Rider, forced John to abandon his family. In doing so it led to the death of Roxanne, and the disappearance of his kids. Now with the knowledge that the human host of the Ghost Rider is really his long lost half brother Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel), and meeting his distant cousin Jennifer Kale (see Kale, Jennifer) John continues in the search for his children, and hopes that someday he may lead a normal life.

Blaze, Roxanne Simpson.

The deceased spouse of John Blaze (see Blaze, John). Roxanne met John when they were teenagers. She knew about him being the first Ghost Rider. After the Ghost Rider ordeal was long though over, Roxanne married John, and he had two kids, Craig and Emma (see Blaze, Craig and Blaze, Emma). Unfortunately while John was in battle, Roxanne was murdered by the villain known as Anton Hellgate. (See Hellgate, Anton).

Blazing Skull.

During World War Two, there was a spirit of vengeance known as the Blazing Skull. In reality the Blazing Skull is ace reporter, Mark Todd (see Todd, Mark). Though quite different from the modern Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) this Ghost Rider fought crime and the Nazis, for the Allies.

Buchannon, Sam.

Sam Buchannon is a member of the Darkhold Redeemers (see Darkhold Redeemers, The). He is an interpol agent assigned to protect Victoria Montessi (see Montessi, Victoria).


Candido, Juanito Carlito.

Juanito is a security guard who protects Luz Santos' (see Santos, Luz) Bodega, and the building were Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel) lives.


Caretaker is the man responsible for creating the medallion of power, the mystical amulet that transforms Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel) into Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Millennia's old, Caretaker knows everything about the origins of Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch, John Blaze (see Blaze, John), and Vengeance (see Vengeance). Caretaker however normally keeps to himself, and only reveals the truth unless absolutely necessary.


Centurious was once a young prince at a time when this planet was young. He was in love with a beautiful princess. However love turned to tragedy when the cult of Zarathos (see Zarathos), destroyed their village, and took the princess as a sacrifice to Zarathos. A near to death Centurious, scaled the mountain of meditation and prayed to his gods, saying that he would give anything to save his princess. Needless to say that Mephisto (see Mephisto) heard his cries and took his soul for the chance to save his princess. Needless to say he won his princess back but could not love her, because a man without a soul has no emotions. Now a vengeful Centurious has plotted revenge on his sworn enemies Mephisto, Zarathos, Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) and, John Blaze (see Blaze, John). Centurious was once imprisoned in the Soul Crystal with Zarathos, only he somehow escaped, to reek havoc on his enemies. Centurious will not rest until he has gained the power of the Medallion of Power. Thwarted, on numerous occasions by Ghost Rider, Blaze, and Vengeance (see Vengeance), Centurious eventually fell to his death at the hands of a vengeful John Blaze. Evidence does however point that Centurious is still alive and that his ties with Ghost Rider might point to something more....


Choam is one of Anton Hellgate's (see Hellgate, Anton) henchmen. Once he was dead, but he was revived by Hellgate. Now Choam is completely unstoppable, however he managed to be captured by Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Chulito, Chio.

Chio Chulito, was a down on his luck illegal immigrant, how's sole companion was his dog Chupi (see Chupi). One night while taking his dog for a walk, they stumbled upon a murder, being accused of murder, by the murderer, Chio, and Chupi ran. Both ran out into the middle of the street, and were both ran over and killed by a bus. Tragedy however turned into opportunity for Blackheart (see Blackheart), who granted Chio the powers of a new spirit of vengeance known as Doghead (see Doghead).


Chupi is the dog of Chio Chulito (see Chulito, Chio). This clever little dog was the sole friend of his owner. However both Chupi, and Chio were accidentally ran over by a bus. Blackheart (see Blackheart) however saw this death as an opportunity and transformed Chupi and Chio into the spirit of vengeance known as Doghead (see Doghead).

Colon, Carlie.

Carlie Colon is the sister of Choocho Colon (see Colon, Choocho). She works for her father by cleaning his building in the Bronx were Danny Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel) lives. She is attracted to Daniel but he doesn't know. This led her to make a deal with one of the Furies (see Furies, The), in exchange to get her what she really wants. She was saved from possession through the efforts of Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Colon, Choocho.

Choocho Colon is the brother of Carlie Colon (see Colon, Carlie). Choocho is a small time criminal. He is a coward, and relies on others to get by. He has had several run-ins with Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), fortunately he has managed to escape by chance.


Darkhold Redeemers, The.

A group of humans bent on destroying, the undestoyable, Darkhold, the Book of Sins. This includes Victoria Montessi (see Montessi, Victoria), interpol agent Sam Buchannon (see Buchannon, Sam), Professor Louise Hastings (see Hastings, Louise), Jinx Hastings (see Hastings, Jinx) and Modred the mystic (see Modred the mystic).

D’Auria, Jack.

Jack D’Auria is best friend with Daniel Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel). Jack is a master of several different Martial Arts, including, Karate, Judo, and Ninjitsu. During a visit from his friend, Dan, Jack and Dan were attacked by the villainous Mr. Hyde (see Hyde, Mr.). During the fight Jack observed Dan transform into the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Jack left the country for a little while only he was persuaded by Caretaker to help his friend. Jack eventually took up the guise of Shriker (see Shriker). Now living in Canada, Jack will always be ready whenever he feels his friend needs him.

Death Ninja.

Death Ninja, is a mysterious being bent on destroying Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) in hopes to die. What is known about Death Ninja is that he joined Deathwatch's (see Deathwatch) band of murderous ninja's to get to Ghost Rider, but he was killed by Ghost Rider, only to be resurrected in a decomposing state, until his mission is complete.


Deathwatch is a translord, a being with the power to gain strength from the people he kills.  Deathwatch first emerged as a crime lord who wanted to gain lethal gases from a rival crime syndicate.  Murdering his rivals Deathwatch realized that he had been witnessed by Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel), Barbara Ketch (see Ketch, Barbara), Paulie Straton (see Straton, Paulie), and the Cypress Pool Jokers (see Cypress Pool Jokers, The).  Deathwatch immediately ordered there termination.  Dan and Paulie only managed to escape however Barbara was struck by an arrow an fell into a coma.  Little did Deathwatch realize, this act allowed Dan Ketch to first transform into Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Deathwatch managed to escape, and returned to his life as successful businessman Stephen Lords.  Deathwatch however would not accept defeat, so he hired an assassin and long time associate Blackout (see Blackout), to tie up his loose ends.  After Blackouts failure to kill Ghost Rider, Deathwatch realized that Ghost Rider was a growing thorn in his side.  Deathwatch once again called upon old associates Snowblind (see Snowblind), Hag (see Hag), and Troll (see Troll), to help him dispose of Ghost Rider.  Ghost Rider met Deathwatch and his minions in a final battle were Deathwatch and Snowblind died in an explosion.  Hag and Troll having escaped, managed to take the corpse of Deathwatch with them.  Hag and Troll were able to revive their master, only to have been defeated by the combined efforts of Ghost Rider, Blaze (see Blaze, John), and Spider-man.  When the battle was over Deathwatch and his minions were captured by Steel Wind (see Steel Wind), and brought them to her master Centurious (see Centurious).  Centurious immediately had Deathwatch fitted to fit his needs.  Deathwatch was then set out to destroy Ghost Rider, only to manage death once again.

Once originally mixed with Jason Philip Macendale to form the lethal Hobgoblin, one of Spider-man's most cunning adversaries. However when Hobgoblin was taken down with the combination of Spider-man's webbing, John Blaze (see Blaze, John) hellfire shotgun and, Ghost Rider's (see Ghost Rider II) mystic chain, it caused Macendale demonic opposite to separate from him entirely. Now as the Demogoblin, he serves one purpose, to hunt down and kill all demonic life, until he is the soul survivor.


Doghead is a spirit of vengeance created by Blackheart (see Blackheart). He was created from the deceased Chio Chulito (see Chulito, Chio) and his dog Chupi (see Chupi).

Dolan, Capt. Gerard.

Capt. Gerard Dolan is the father of Stacy Dolan (see Dolan, Stacy). Capt. Dolan is a well respected police captain. At first believing that the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) was responsible for the sudden coma of Barbara Ketch (see Ketch, Barbara) and later her death, he used any means necessary to bring down Ghost Rider legally. However after realizing the error of his ways and that Ghost Rider was being for good, Capt. Dolan set out to be his informant known as Deepthroat. While aiding Ghost Rider in a battle Capt. Dolan received a major heart attack and has remained in the hospital ever since.

Dolan, Stacy.

Stacy Dolan is the estranged girl friend of Daniel Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel). The daughter of police captain Gerard Dolan (see Dolan, Capt.  Kenneth), Stacy was born to join the Police Force. Fascinated by the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) she followed him on a mission during the Siege of Darkness, only to eventually find out that he and Daniel were one in the same. Fearing that Dan was being consumed by the Ghost Rider Stacy joined a special task force to bring him down. Eventually he knowledge of Dan's other personality was wiped out by Jennifer Kale (see Kale, Jennifer) in hopes to protect her from the Furies (see Furies, The). To this day Stacy has no recollection of Dan being Ghost Rider.

Dracula, Vlad.

Vlad Dracula is the vampire we all fear. Born in the Carpathian mountain range, Vlad was born a prince. Tragically after his wife died, he gave up and cursed Christianity, which changed him into a vampire. Centuries later Dracula has haunted society, only his attempts have failed greatly, by the Nightstalkers (see Nightstalkers, The).

Drake, Frank.

Frank Drake is a member of the occult hunting Nightstalkers (see Nightstalkers, The). Frank Drake is the descendant of the vampire lord, Dracula (see Dracula, Vlad). Armed with a super charged based gun, created for killing the occult. Normally hunting vampires, Frank Drake will stop at nothing to kill anything that is supernatural, even if it is an ally. Unfortunately Frank was killed in a battle with the vampire, Varnae (see Varnae).


Dread is one of Anton Hellgate's (see Hellgate, Anton) henchmen. Once he was dead but he was resurrected by Hellgate. Dread was given the task of killing all those that were responsible for the death of his boss. Dread like Hellgate's other henchmen, will die for his master, which is just what happened.


Eden, Kirk.

Kirk Eden is a member of New York City's damage control. Him and his partner Jim Palmetto (see Palmetto, Jim) are currently assigned to the Bronx, to report on all damage caused by Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). 



Fidel is a cat owned by Luz Santos (see Santos, Luz). This mischievous little cat pits itself and Luz in countless danger.


Ghost Rider I.

The first Ghost Rider was a combination of John Blaze (see Blaze, John) and, Zarathos (see Zarathos). This Ghost Rider sought out justice by whatever means necessary. Though only able to come out at night, Ghost Rider is unforgiving being, much like his predecessor. It was because of this Ghost Rider that caused Michael Badilino (see Badilino, Lt. Michael) to hate the current Ghost Rider, because he punished Michael's father for sins he had not committed. John was eventually freed from his curse of being the Ghost Rider when Zarathos and Centurious (see Centurious) were sucked into the soul crystal. It is for these reasons why Blaze can not trust the current Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider II.

During the 18th century a man named Noble Kale (see Kale, Noble) fell in love with a black woman known as Magdelena (see Magdelena). Noble was a pawn, in a deadly game run by Mephisto (see Mephisto), and Noble's father Pastor Kale (see Kale, Pastor).  When Pastor Kale had Magdelena burned to the stake for discovering his dark secret, Magdelena brought a curse onto the Pastor and the town.  Fearing the curse, eventual death on him, Pastor Kale summoned Mephisto.  A deal was made in which Mephisto would claim the soul of noble and transform hi into a demon.  The agreement was reached, and Noble Kale was transformed into Ghost Rider.  When Ghost Rider had destroyed Magdelena's curse, the Furies (see Furies, The), Pastor Kale offered Ghost Rider some food, Noble Kale's son.  Not willing to devour his own flesh and blood, Ghost Rider killed himself. Upon his death, Mephisto had appeared to claim Noble's soul.  However Mephisto brother the archangel Uriel (see Uriel) also appeared claiming that Noble's soul did not belong to Mephisto.  Unable to come to an agreement, a compromised was reached.  Noble will be claimed by neither realm, instead Noble will be placed in the void, only to appear when one of his descendants summon him. Thus was born the legend and the curse of the Ghost Rider.  Over the course of history Ghost Rider was called upon by many of his descendants. During World War One he was called upon to fight his arch rival Verminous Rex (see Verminous Rex). Years later Naomi Kale (see Kale, Naomi) had inherited the powers of the Ghost Rider. Naomi felt that she could not subject her children to that kind of a life so she was forced to abandon them. For years she fought to free her first born John (see Blaze, John) from his curse. She succeeded, but failed to realize that if the first born is not available to claim his destiny, the next child would have to take over. She died trying to protect her children from that kind of curse, only to fail. Thirteen years after her death, her other two children Dan (see Ketch, Daniel) and, Barbara (see Ketch, Barbara) were taking a forbidden stroll through the cemetery. They witnessed the killer Deathwatch (see Deathwatch ) murder a man, Deathwatch had noticed he was seen and ordered the kids dead. Barbara was killed by an arrow. While trying to flee to find help, Dan stumbled upon a mysterious motorcycle. Upon contact of the bike Dan was transformed into, Ghost Rider, and the spirit of vengeance was reborn. After his rebirth Ghost Rider, fought to protect the innocent. The return of this Ghost Rider had drawn the attention of former Ghost Rider, John Blaze. John Blaze set out to kill Ghost Rider, so he may lead a normal life. While in battle with John, Ghost Rider accidentally released hellfire into John's body causing John to shoot pure hellfire from his shot gun. Ghost Rider eventually convinced John that he was not the demon Zarathos (see Zarathos) that John thought he was. After his encounter with John, Ghost Rider was now more determined to discover who he really was. The search for the truth caused Ghost Rider to become one of the founding members of the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, The). The Midnight Sons mission was to stop the forces of evil from threatening the planet. As a Midnight Son, Ghost Rider was forced to meet his destiny and fight Zarathos, in a winner take all competition. Zarathos unfortunately won and Ghost Rider died. When the crime lord Anton Hellgate (see Hellgate, Anton) learned of Ghost Rider's demised, he resurrected Ghost Rider through scientific means. Hellgate had hoped that Ghost Rider would join him, however Ghost Rider refused and tried to stop Hellgate's criminal reign. After his re-re-birth Ghost Rider was determined to discover now more then ever who he truly was. It was not until a run in with Vengeance (see Vengeance) that the pieces of Ghost Rider's origin started coming together. Ghost Rider and Blaze sought the help of the young sorceress Jennifer Kale (see Kale, Jennifer). With the help of Jenn Ghost Rider was able to discover fragments of his past, as well as that Dan, and John are distant cousins of Jennifer. Ghost Rider now feels that it is his right to escape the void and stay in our world on a more permanent basis. Ghost Rider does however realize that in doing so might jeopardize Dan's life.  Ghost Rider then came face to face with new spirits of vengeance, each with powers equal to his own.  These new spirits of vengeance, Pao Fu (see Pao Fu), Verminous Rex, Doghead (see Doghead), and Wallow (see Wallow), all sought Ghost Rider's leadership or his death.  Refusing to lead such hellish creatures, Pao Fu killed Ghost Rider instantly, and took him to her master Blackheart (see Blackheart).  Blackheart had Ghost Rider revived by the kiss of his demoness Black Rose (see Black Rose), and offered Ghost Rider a deal.  The deal was that Ghost Rider would lead Blackheart's new spirits of vengeance, the hands of marriage with Pao Fu and Black Rose, as well as Ghost Rider returning to his original body.  Ghost Rider immediately accepted, and became human once again.  Dan Ketch however was severed from Ghost Rider, and was given the opportunity to lead a normal life. After the wedding Ghost Rider gave Black Rose and Pao Fu their freedom, from Blackheart, however Blackheart interjected and began the battle of the spirits of vengeance, in which Ghost Rider, Vengeance, Pao Fu, Verminous Rex, Doghead, and Wallow, all took part, and only one would survive.  When all seemed at a loss Dan Ketch burst on the scene giving Ghost Rider that which he need most, his memories.  Upon the restoration of his memories, Ghost Rider finally knew who he was, the angel of death.  Putting this knowledge to use, Ghost Rider immediately destroyed Blackheart.  In doing so Ghost Rider became the new ruler of hell and sadly at the loss of life of his dear friend and companion Dan Ketch. 



Hag is one of Deathwatch's' (see Deathwatch) flunkies. She has the ability to enter your chest and suck the life force right out of you. Together with her partner Troll (see Troll), they know serve the purpose of destroying Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) and reviving, their master Deathwatch.

Harris, Paula.

Paula Harris is the current girlfriend of Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel). She was saved by Daniel when she was attacked by a mugger. However under current circumstances Paula was forced to move to Florida after her abusive ex-boyfriend came to stalk her, though he is safely behind bars Paula only comes back to New York to visit Dan. Believing her life is a mess Paula struck a deal with one of the Furies, bringing them to Earth. She was however saved by through the efforts of Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Hastings, Jinx.

Jinx Hastings is a member of the Darkhold Redeemers (see Darkhold Redeemers, The), he is also the grandson of Louise Hastings (see, Hastings, Professor Louise). Jinx has a mystical occult ability, he is currently under the tutelage of Modred (see Modred the mystic).

Hastings, Professor Louise.

Louise Hastings is a member of the Darkhold Redeemers (see Darkhold Redeemers, The). She is a professor of the occult, and a good friend of Victoria Montessi (see Montessi, Victoria). Unfortunately she met her death at the hands of a possessed Morbius (see Morbius, Dr. Michael).

Heart Attack.

Heart Attack is the genetically altered version of Tyler Meagher (see Meagher, Tyler). Heart Attacks one purpose is to take revenge on the man who she believes destroyed her close friends, Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Hellgate, Anton.

Anton Hellgate is one of the most brilliant scientific minds ever to walk the Earth, although he is slightly evil. Hellgate was a great crime lord only he met his death by Michael Badilino (see Badilino, Lt. Michael). However though he was presumed dead what Badilino did not know is that Hellgate knew how to cheat death and, eventually returned. Over the years Hellgate created his army of super villains, out of dead bodies and returned to his criminal ways. Hellgate is also responsible for bringing back a dead Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) so he can have his power. Eventually Hellgate and his minion died at the hands of Vengeance (see Vengeance).


Ice Box Bob.

Ice Box Bob was a convict felon on numerous charges of murder. Sentenced to the electric chair, Bob, patiently waited on death row. After his execution, Bob was transformed into a demon, trapped within the Nexus. Bob is occasionally able to escape to murder for a limited amount of time but must return to the Nexus. Bob was eventually stopped by John Blaze (see Blaze, John).



Kale, Dante.

Dante Kale is the younger brother of Noble Kale (see Kale, Noble), the man who would be Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Kale, Jennifer.

Jennifer Kale is the estranged cousin of Daniel Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel) and John Blaze (see Blaze, John), she is also the direct descendant of Noble Kale (see Kale, Noble) the man who will be Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Jennifer Kale is a sorceress in training. She is under the tutelage of Dr. Strange (see Strange, Dr. Stephen). She is responsible for helping Ghost Rider regain most of his lost memories, as well as bringing Howard The Duck to this dimension.

Kale, Naomi.

Naomi Kale is the mother of John Blaze (see Blaze, John), Barbara Ketch (see Ketch, Barbara) and, Daniel Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel). Naomi was forced to give up her children to prevent them from ever gaining their families destiny the powers of the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Naomi tried to make every twist and turn to stop the family curse. However in doing so it cost her, her life and the destiny carries on.

Kale, Noble.

Noble Kale is the man who would be Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Noble, grew up with his abusive father Pastor Kale (see Kale, Pastor), and his younger brother, Dante (see Kale, Dante), in the eighteenth century. It is still unknown as to what happened to Noble's mother. One day Noble fell in love with a young black girl named Magdelena (see Magdelena), who worked for the Quentin Carnival. Because of Magdelena's skin color Noble hid his love for Magdelena from his father.  Sadly, Noble was forced to tell his father that he loved Magdelena, when Magdelena gave birth to Noble's son.  Eventually Noble and Magdelena married. Shortly after their marriage, Magdelena discovered Pastor Kale's dark secret, he is the servant of the dark lord Mephisto (see Mephisto). Because of Magdelena's discovery the Pastor accused her of witchcraft, and had her burnt at the stake. Knowing that Noble would object, the pastor had him drugged, tortured, and beaten, in the church's cellar.  Unbeknownst to anybody Magdelena, sent a curse of her own shortly after her death.  She sent the Furies (see Furies, the) to take revenge on the Pastor and his town.  After many townsfolk's died at the hands of the Furies, Pastor Kale struck a deal with Mephisto.  Mephisto would turn Noble into a demon, and claim Noble's soul.  The deal was made and Noble became the avenging spirit of vengeance, the Ghost Rider.  When Ghost Rider had destroyed the Furies, the Pastor offered him some human flesh, the son of Noble Kale.  Unwilling to eat his own child, Noble killed himself.  When Mephisto appeared to claim Noble's soul, Mephisto's brother, the archangel Uriel (see Uriel) appeared and demanded that the soul of Noble Kale be spared.  Since no agreement could be reached, they made a compromise, the soul of Noble Kale will be claimed be neither realm, instead his soul shall remain in the void unless called upon by one of the descendants of Noble Kale.  To make sure that each realm would live up to the bargain a spell of protection was placed upon Noble Kale and his descendants, neither realm can touch a hair on their head.  Thus the legend of the Ghost Rider begins.

Kale, Pastor.

Pastor Kale is the father of Noble Kale (see Kale, Noble), the man who would be Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). During the eighteenth century, the Pastor discovered that his son's wife, Magdelena, was a witch (see Magdelena). The Pastor immediately ordered that she burned at the stake. It is this chain of events that transformed Noble, into Ghost Rider. It is now known that Pastor Kale is still alive after two-hundred years.

Ketch, Barbara.

Barbara Ketch is the sister of Daniel Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel). She was destined to be the Ghost Rider (See Ghost Rider II), however destiny changed when she was placed into a coma, by Deathwatch (see Deathwatch), and later murdered by Blackout (see Blackout). Though dead, Barbara has come back to this plane of existence possessed by Scarecrow (see Scarecrow). Though Scarecrow was easily defeated and Barbara was returned to the realm of the dead.

Ketch, Daniel.

Daniel Ketch is the host of the current Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). While taking a forbidden walk with his sister Barbara (see Ketch, Barbara), they stumbled upon a mob hit. The killer Deathwatch (see Deathwatch) who feared that they can identify him, ordered them dead. While pursuing their would be killers, Barbara, was shot by an arrow putting her into a coma. Daniel who was able to escape happened upon a motorcycle. Upon touching the motorcycle Daniel transformed into the fiery spirit of vengeance known as Ghost Rider. It is now known that his blood line is the only blood line that can trigger the Ghost Rider transformation. Through out his years Daniel has met up with his long lost brother John Blaze (see Blaze, John) and his distant cousin Jennifer Kale (see Kale, Jennifer). Though Daniel often tries to led a normal life, he is Daniel is not to comftorable being Ghost Rider, he feels that his being Ghost Rider is a threat to him, his family and his friend's existence. On numerous occasions he and everything he holds dear have been attacked.  Dan Ketch was resently sent on a mission to retrieve the lost memories of Ghost Rider.  Upon completion Dan returned the memories to Ghost Rider, but at the cost of Dan's own life.

Ketch, Francis.

Francis Ketch is the adopted mother of Daniel and Barbara Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel and Ketch, Barbara). Her husband was murdered by a robber. After the death of Barbara, Francis has taken up drinking on a daily basis. She has known since the beginning about Dan being the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) and, Ghost Rider's origin. However her memory was swiped clean of that knowledge by Jennifer Kale (see Kale, Jennifer). Until recently Francis has rediscovered that Dan is the Ghost Rider, this however placed her into an institution.

King, Hannibal.

Hannibal King is a member of the occult hunting team known as the Nightstalkers (see Nightstalkers, The). Once a detective, Hannibal King, was bitten by the vampire Deacon Frost (see Frost, Deacon), transforming him into a vampire himself. Normally hunting vampires, King will stop at nothing to kill anything that is supernatural, even if it is an ally. Unfortunately, King met his death at the hands of Varnae (see Varnae).



Lilith is an ancient Atlantean sorceress, who was banished into the stomach of a Leviathan, were she was to remain for all eternity. She was however found by explorers who accidentally set her free. Once free Lilith began finding her lost children, the Lilin (see Lilin, The). Some of these children included Blackout (see Blackout) and Skinner (see Skinner). Lilith was ready to take over the world, and claim it as her own, until she was thwarted by the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, The). She again re-emerged, a year later, and with the help of her child Outcast (see Outcast), she gave birth to her fallen children again. This time however she sought an alliance with Centurious (see Centurious), to destroy her enemies. After Centurious had failed her, she abandoned Centurious and allied with a stronger foe, Zarathos (see Zarathos). With Zarathos' help she succeeded into calling forth her lost children from another dimension, but she was once again defeated. Now Lilith waits, for she has now been impregnated with Zarathos' children. She waits until she has regained her strength, and given birth to her new children.



Once Madcap was an ordinary man however, he had an accident with a chemical truck that transformed him and his mind into a deranged lunatic. Unable to feel pain, or die, Madcap can control other minds and make them insane for a period of an hour. On one of his crime sprees Madcap had a run in with the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). At the end of the battle Ghost Rider used his penance stare on Madcap, and for the first time since the accident Madcap felt pain. Now thriving for more, Madcap will haunt Ghost Rider till he gets what he wants, pain.


Magdelena was an eighteenth century witch. She worked for the Quentin Carnival, until she fell in love with a man named Noble Kale (see Kale, Noble). Magdelena being black and, Noble being white, loved each other despite the objections of Noble’s father Pastor Kale (see Kale, Pastor). Pastor kale discovered that Magdelena however was a witch and immediately had her burned to the stake. While being burned Magdelena was able to conjure up the Furies (see Furies, The) to avenge her death. This chain of events would transform Noble Kale into the being known as Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Maloni, Alec.

Alec Maloni is special agent in charge of weapon design and creation for Ski's (see Sokolowski, Lt. "Ski") special task force against the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Meagher, Tyler.

Tyler Meagher was once a brilliant field leader of the women strike force team H.E.A.R.T. (see H.E.A.R.T.), bent solely on hunting down Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). During a battle Tyler's team was murdered by the Firm (see Firm, The). She was taken captive and genetically altered to become the assassin Heart Attack (see Heart Attack).


Mephisto is the lord of devils, he is greatly responsible for everything that has affected Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Many centuries ago Mephisto fought a battle with the soul eater, Zarathos (see Zarathos), which he won. During the eighteenth century Mephisto tricked a man named Noble Kale (see Kale, Noble) into betraying his wife and child. During the twentieth century Mephisto had placed Zarathos into the man known as John Blaze (see Blaze, John), creating the first Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider I). Years later Mephisto caused more trouble by tricking a man with a death wish (see Suicide) to give up his soul and tricked him into chasing down Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). However Mephisto has not finished making Ghost Rider’s life miserable, he also gave vengeful police officer Lt. Michael Badilino (see Badilino, Lt. Michael) the powers of Vengeance (see Vengeance). Mephisto is also greatly responsible for creating his arch nemesis Centurious (see Centurious). Eventually Mephisto would meet his death at the hands of his son, Blackheart (see Blackheart), who wanted to gain control of hell. It is however know known that Mephisto is still very much alive and plotting revenge on his son.

Midnight Sons, The.

The Midnight SOns are a group of super heroes bent on destroying any mystical evil threat to the planet. These heroes include, Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), John Blaze (see Blaze, John), Vengeance, (see Vengeance), Caretaker (see Caretaker), Morbius (see Morbius, Dr. Michael), Dr. Strange (see Strange, Dr. Stephen), the Nightstalkers (see Nightstalkers, The) and, the Darkhold Redeemers (see Darkhold Redeemers, The). Most of the Midnight Sons are reluctant members. Many feel that they do not belong. On their first mission, together the Midnight Sons were destined to take down the evil Atlantean witch Lilith (see Lilith), and her children the Lilin (see Lilin, The). The Midnight Sons had succeeded in destroying Lilith and her children, little realizing that Lilith was still alive. The next time the Midnight Sons were forced to meet up ws on more tragic conditions, when Midnight Sons' member Blade (see Blade) had read a page from the Darkhold, the book of sins. Blade was transformed into the occult hunting Switchblade (see Switchblade). At the end of the battle Switchblade was defeated, and Blade was back to normal. After a short victory Ghost Rider and Blaze came to warn the rest of the Midnight Sons, that Lilith and her children had returned, with the ancient demon Zarathos (see Zarathos). The Midnight Sons were able to make short work of Lilith and her children, however Zarathos was still remaining. It took the combined strength of all the Midnight Sons, plus a few sacrifices to stop Zarathos evil plans of world domination. After defeating Zarathos, the Midnight Sons accepted who they were, and went there separate ways. They failed to realize however that Lilith was still alive, and pregnant with Zarathos' children.

Modred the Mystic.

Modred is a sinister magician. During the thirteenth century, Modred read a page from the Darkhold, which granted immortality, and the use of magic. In the twentieth century he is an on and off member of the Darkhold Redeemers (see Darkhold Redeemers, The). He is also the tutor of Darkhold member Jinx (see Hastings, Jinx).

Montessi, Victoria.

Victoria Montessi is a member of the Darkhold Redeemers (see Darkhold Redeemers, The). She basically has the power to see if someone has read a page from the Darkhold. The source of this power is due to the reason she is pregnant with the demon Chthon (see Chthon).

Morbius, Dr. Michael.

While trying to find a cure for a life threatening disease, Dr. Michael Morbius found the cure in bats. Upon taking the cure he was transformed into, a living vampire. Morbius reluctantly prowled the night killing anybody in sight to quench his thirst.  Later infused with the blood of a Lilin (see Lilin, The), he became even more of a vampire.  When Morbius came to the attention of both Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) and Blaze (see Blaze, John), he made a vow to the spirits of vengeance, "if I am to drink blood let it be the blood of the corrupt, of those who deserve to die."  Ghost Rider and Blaze accepted Morbius' vow and took their leave.  Now as a member of the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, The), Morbius remains on call to protect the innocent from the supernantural.


Nightstalkers, The.

The Nightstalkers are a group of vampire and occult hunters, comprising of Blade (see Blade), Frank Drake (see Drake, Frank) and, Hannibal King (see King, Hannibal). They are bent solely on the purpose on destroying anything that is occult related, being good or bad, mostly vampires.



Palmetto, Jim.

Jim Palmetto is a member of New York City's damage control. Him and his partner Kirk Eden (see Eden, Kirk) are currently assigned to the Bronx, to report on all damage caused by Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Pao Fu.

Pao Fu is the goddess of vengeance. She was once a young chinese girl who booked illegal passage on a freighter to America. She was one of the few that had survived and sold into slavery.  Eventually she  managed to break free from her captors, and tried to seek refuge. Tragically her captors had caught up to her and killed her. Tragedy turned into opportunity for Blackheart (see Blackheart) who transformed her into a living spirit of vengeance.  Pao Fu's powers are equal to that of Ghost Rider's (see Ghost Rider II).  When Pao Fu came face to face with Ghost Rider, she killed him almost instantly, and brought his corpse back to Blackheart.  Blackheart revived Ghost Rider and as part of a deal offered Pao Fu's hand in marriage to Ghost Rider.

Pinto, Jesse.

Jesse Pinto is an orphaned Native American boy. His family was murdered by the demon Baal (see Baal). After being taken captive he met with fellow captives Craig and Emma Blaze (see Blaze, Craig and, Blaze, Emma). They were rescued by the mysterious being known as the Wendigo (see Wendigo, The).




Rak is one of Anton Hellgate's (see Hellgate, Anton) henchmen. Once Rak was a man but was brought back to life in a fiendish form. Now despite his appearance Rak will die for his master, which just what happened after he was killed by Vengeance (see Vengeance).


Ripper is one of Anton Hellgate's (see Hellgate, Anton) underlings. She was once dead but brought back to life by Hellgate. While working with Hellgate, she fell in love with him and died at his side when Vengeance (see Vengeance) blew them up.



Historically Salomé, was a lethal dancer. Her dance is the death of you. Salomé, is also Fallen. On numerous occasions she has attempted to steal the powers of Dr. Strange (see Strange, Dr. Stephen), eventually succeeding. However her plans were thwarted, and she met her death.

Santos, Luz.

Luz Santos is the owner of the neighborhood Bodega, in the Bronx. Her sole companion is her cat Fidel (see Fidel). She has been saved on numerous occasions by Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), however she sees Ghost Rider as a demon who wants to seduce her.


As boy Scarecrow, was abused by his mother. After beating him she would always buy him a present. He enjoyed presents (and, who doesn't?) and would do more bad things just to get them. Eventually, his mother died, and Scarecrow turned psychotic, killing people or opening them up (like a present). Eventually he became fascinated with the idea of killing Captain America. Later in life Scarecrow ran into Stacy Dolan (see Dolan, Stacy) confusing her for his mother. After abducting her, it brought Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) onto the seen. During the battle Scarecrow died but, was resurrected by Stern (see Stern) giving him the power to make others fear him. Later on he died again. Now he is a minion of Blackheart (see Blackheart).


Shriker is in reality Jack D’Auria (see D’Auria, Jack) best friend of Daniel Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel). When Jack was away overseas he was persuaded by Caretaker (see Caretaker) to return to New York, and help his friend. Doing so Jack took up the guise of Shriker. A hero in his own right Shriker serves only few purposes, to protect the innocent, and watch over his friend as the new Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II).

Simpson, Crash.

Crash Simpson was the original owner of the Quentin Carnival. He was the father of Roxanne Simpson (see Blaze, Roxanne Simpson), and foster father of John Blaze (see Blaze, John). Crash is the man responsible for making John into the fearless motorcyclist he is today. When Crash contracted terminal cancer it caused John to strike a deal with Mephisto (see Mephisto). Mephisto saved Crash's life from the cancer but killed him later that night during a stunt show.


Skinner is one of Lilith's (see Lilith) children. Skinner had hopped to lead a normal life, but was forced to give up that life, upon Liliths return.  Skinner felt that since Liliths' return his family was in danger of her influence.  Skinner's only option to save his family from Lilith was to kill his wife and children. Blaming the death of his family on John Blaze (see Blaze, John) and Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), Skinner set out to kill them both.  With the combined efforts of Blaze and Ghost Rider, they were able to stop Skinner and leave him for the authorities.  Imprisoned in the secretive prison, run by Spook (see Spook).  Skinner was the subject of harmful experiments.  Skinner was able to escape, when fellow inmate, Ghost Rider, managed to break free. When Skinner broke free, he immediately set out to continue, his earlier mission, kill Ghost Rider and Blaze.  After finding both Ghost Rider and Blaze, Skinner was easily defeated, and was once again locked up.  Currently Skinner is locked up in a maximum security prison.


Snowblind is as underworld drug lord. Blinded since birth Snowblind discovered that he had the power, to see threw a mystical field which he generates. However anybody else within the field is blinded completely. Snowblind use to work for Deathwatch (see Deathwatch) before meeting his death. However Snowblind was remade by Anton Hellgate (see Hellgate, Anton). Now Snowblind is working for Blackheart (see Blackheart). To this date it is unsure as to what Snowblind is doing.

Sokolowski, Lt. "Ski".

Lt. "Ski" Sokolowski is the leader os the police task force that is supposed to take down Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Taking charge after the departure of Lt. Michael Badilino (see Badilino, Lt. Michael), Ski assembled his own team to include, Stacy Dolan (see Dolan, Stacy), Alec Maloni (see Maloni, Alec), and Sean Tully (see Tully, Sean).  On the job Ski started to become romantically involved with his teammate Stacy.  Little realizing that Stacy was in love with Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel) as well as with him, Ski proposed to Stacy, leaving her dumbfounded.

Steel Wind

Steel Wind is a motorcycle riding cyborg.  Once Steel Wind was an artist, finding beauty in the things she painted.  Tragically,  she was involved in a boating accident, which left her in pieces.  She was however found by the man known as Centurious (see Centurious), and transformed into a robotic like creature.  Owing Centurious her life, Centurious told Steel Wind to destroy his enemy, John Blaze (see Blaze, John).  Steel Wind did as told and went to kill Blaze.  Steel Wind was unaware that John Blaze was in fact the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider I).  Upon confrontation Ghost Rider had her pay for her sins.  Years later Steel Wind reemerged with her sister Steel Vengeance (see Steel Vengeance), and made Blaze's life miserable by destroying his carnival.  Steel Wind failed and was taken in for study by government operatives.  Blaze discovered Steel Wind's location, and fixed her up.  Now Steel Wind owed Blaze a life oath, and went after the man she now blames for ruining her life, Centurious.

Strange, Dr. Stephen.

Dr. Stephen Strange is the sorcerer supreme of earth. He is also a member of the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, The). Once a world renown surgeon, Strange had a twist of faith when accident caused him to lose the delicate touch a surgeon requires. Going to the mountains of Tibet, to seek the help of the mysterious Ancient One. However the Ancient One, offered Dr. Strange the opportunity to learn the magic's of this earth. Now Dr. Strange is sworn to protect this planet from any being that might threaten her.

Straton, Paulie.

Paulie Straton was a member of a cemetery gang known as the Cypress Pool Jokers (see Cypress Pool Jokers, The).  On the night that Barbara Ketch (see Ketch, Barbara), and Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Daniel) became Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), Paulie stole a briefcase from the villain Deathwatch (see Deathwatch).  This briefcase contained lethal chemicals which Deathwatch intended to use for his own purposes.  Steeling the briefcase made Paulie, and her friends the targets of both Deathwatch and Blackout (see Blackout).  Paulie and some of her friends were saved by Ghost Rider, only Paulie was then abducted by the Morlocks (see Morlocks, The).  Ghost Rider eventually set out to rescue young Paulie.  After Ghost Rider had saved Paulie, Paulie and the Cypress Pool Jokers offered their friendship and services to Ghost Rider.

Styge, Revern.

Revern Styge was a every day revern, until he gave up his soul to Centurious (see Centurious). In return Centurious gave him the power to thrive and eat sinners. However Styge really wants to earn the power of raising the dead. He got just that power after reading a page from the Darkhold. He eventually met his death at the hands oh his master Centurious.


Suicide is the name of the man who wanted to commit suicide but seeked the aid of Mephisto (see Mephisto) in order to do so. Mephisto granted him the strength to kill himself but also granted him the power of immortality and, instant healing. Suicide believes that only one man can kill him, Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), and he will keep haunting him until he gives him what he wants, death.


Todd, Mark.

Mark Todd is the nineteen forties version of the Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), the Blazing Skull (see Blazing Skull). While on assignment covering the second Sino-Japanese war, he was trapped in a snowstorm and sought refuge in an underground cave. While there he was taken in by a race of subterranean skull men, who gave him a mask which transforms him in to the Blazing Skull.


Toother is a small time criminal, who worked with Choocho Colon (see Colon, Choocho). While he was trying to rob Luz Santos (see Santos, Luz) he was stopped by Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). Now Toother is nothing more then a scared man afraid to sin.


Troll is one of Deathwatch's' (see Deathwatch) flunkies. He has the ability to make his arms turn into a form of life sucking whip. Together with his partner Hag (see Hag), they know serve the purpose of destroying Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) and reviving, their master Deathwatch.

Tully, Sean.

Sean Tully was a member of a member of a special task force assigned to bring down Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). He was partnered with Stacy Dolan (see Dolan, Stacy). However during a battle with Ghost Rider, Sean Tully was accidentally killed by Ghost Rider, causing Stacy to go to full extremes to bring him down.



Uriel is the angel of light.  One of God's archangels, Uriel is responsible for making Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II) into the spirit of vengeance, and the angel of death.  When Uriel's brother Mephisto (see Mephisto) was ready to claim the soul of Noble Kale (see Kale, Noble), Uriel interjected claiming that Mephisto broke the rules to claim this good soul.  Uriel saw the potential in Noble Kale and reaching an agreement with Mephisto made Noble Kale, the Ghost Rider. 




Varnae is the self proclaimed lord of the vampires. Varnae, is an arch time rival of Dr. Strange (see Strange, Dr. Stephen). He has declared war on all of Strange's family, being the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, The). Thwarted on numerous occasions, Varnae, is not one to give up, he is still out there waiting, for the right moment of attack.


Vengeance is the alter ego of Lt. Michael Badilino (see Badilino, Lt. Michael). Vengeance was created by Mephisto (see Mephisto), when Badilino struck a deal with the dark lord. The purpose of this deal is that Badilino can get even with his long time nemesis Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider I and Ghost Rider II). Upon receiving his powers, Vengeance, waged war on Ghost Rider and Blaze (see Blaze, John). Eventually, Vengeance was won over to the side of good when Ghost Rider was proven not to be the demon Zarathos (see Zarathos) the one truly responsible for Badilino's hatred. After the Siege of Darkness, Ghost Rider was murdered, and Vengeance took over as the new Ghost Rider. Upon the return of Ghost Rider, Vengeance left New York, and went to serve vengeance in new areas.  Badilino re-joined a special governmental task force.  One of their first missions was to free hostages, and stop the terrorist.  When they stopped the hostages, Badilino was shocked to discover that the hostages had already been murdered prior to their arrival.  Badilino transforming into Vengeance went insane and set out to kill anyone who had done but the smallest of sins.  Vengeance's actions were brought to the attention of Ghost Rider, and Blaze and they immediatly set out to show Vengeance the error of his ways, or destroy him.  Vengeance realizing that he was no better then the sinners he was after, blew himself up along with long time enemy Anton Hellgate (see Hellgate, Anton) and his minions.  Vengeance was discovered by Dan Ketch (see Ketch, Dan), and Naomi Kale (see Kale, Naomi) in hell, while they were on a mission.   After being freed, by Dan and Naomi, Vengeance aided Ghost Rider in destroying Blackheart (see Blackheart).  Vengeance is armed with a fist full of fire (hellfire actually), spikes, a bone chain, a bike of his own, and the penance stare.

Verminous Rex.

Verminous Rex was Ghost Rider's (see Ghost Rider II) enemy in a previous incarnation. He had fought Ghost Rider in World War One, only he was believed destroyed by a land mine. He however has come back and started feeding on the homeless. In a recent battle with Ghost Rider, he was destroyed only to be brought back by the villainous Blackheart (see Blackheart), to be one of his spirits of vengeance.



Wallow is a creature that thrives on human misery, and causes them to commit suicide. Once he was a man who accidentally killed his wife. Not being able to live with himself he tried to kill his kids and himself, but only succeeded in killing himself. Now Wallow works for Blackheart (see Blackheart) as a spirit of vengeance.

Wendigo, The.

The Wendigo is a creature that is cannibalistic in nature. The Wendigo is believed to be an old Indian folk tale about a great white being who is protector of the North West Pacific woods. The Wendigo would seek any means necessary to protect his home and inhabitants, including devouring threats. The Wendigo is know for some unknown reason the protector of Craig and Emma Blaze (see Blaze, Craig and Blaze, Emma).

Wei, Linda.

Linda Wei was an investigative news anchor who worked for Deathwatch (see Deathwatch). Linda job was to allow Stephen Lords (aka Deathwatch) to take the spotlight, and make Ghost Rider look like a vigilante. Unfortunately she was murdered by her one time lover Blackout (see Blackout).


Wolf is the assistant to John Blaze (see Blaze, John). It was recently discovered that Wolf is more then two hundred years old and has been working with the Quentin Carnival ever since. Though he keeps to himself Wolf, does not like Blaze toying around in the supernatural affairs, due to the fact that he knows a great deal about Blaze's family history.





Zarathos is ancient demon, known as the soul eater. During a time long ago, when this planet was young Zarathos, was called upon by a shaman, who agreed to collect souls in his name. As the shaman collected souls for Zarathos, it made Zarathos' power strong, so strong that it rivaled Mephisto's (see Mephisto). This of course made Mephisto very upset, so Mephisto concocted a plan. He stole the soul from a man known as Centurious (see Centurious) and told him to confront Zarathos. When Zarathos was about to consume his soul he could not for he had no soul. Suddenly Mephisto emerged and they fought a battle which, Mephisto had won. Mephisto, spared Zarathos' life and used him for his evil purposes. Centuries later Mephisto struck a deal with a man named John Blaze (see Blaze, John). John broke the pact that he shared with Mephisto so as revenge, Mephisto infused John Blaze, with Zarathos, as a punishment for both. Together John Blaze and Zarathos became the first Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider I). Years after becoming Ghost Rider, John, had discovered Zarathos' true origin. John sought to free himself of Zarathos' by any possible means. Salvation came for both John and Zarathos when Centurious had re-emerged. In battle Centurious was sucked into the dreaded soul crystal. Zarathos who felt he was denied vengeance went into the soul crystal freeing John Blaze of his curse. The soul crystal was taken with Zarathos and Centurious inside by Mephisto. Years later an amnesiac Zarathos was freed from his captivity, and allied himself with the Atlantean witch, Lilith (see Lilith). Lilith was defeated at the hands of the Midnight Sons (see Midnight Sons, The). When Lilith fell Zarathos' former servants the Fallen (see Fallen, the) had re-emerged, and told Zarathos, his entire origin. Believing that the world was rightfully his to rule Zarathos began, his reign of terror. In doing so he had killed Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II). When Ghost Rider was killed the remaining Midnight sons took it upon themselves to kill Zarathos. It was by the hands of a mystical sword, that Zarathos was turned to stone and his reign of terror ended. Unbeknownst to Zarathos, Lilith is pregnant with his children. Surely Lilith, and his children will find a way to bring the once feared Zarathos back.


Zodiac was an underworld crime lord, who was possessed by twelve demons, each representing a sign of the zodiac. Zodiac was however killed by the combined efforts of Ghost Rider (see Ghost Rider II), and Suicide (see Suicide).